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  • Manual Submission vs Automatic Submission

    Have you completed building your website? What do you do next? How to start getting traffic to your website?

    To start getting visitors to your website you must promote your website. The website that is optimized for search engines should be submitted to the search engines. There are already hundreds of search engines and there are more and more new search engines are launched. Though there are hundreds of search engines online most people are aware of just handful of search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alexa, Alta Vista, HotBot etc., and there may be others who know and use few more search engines. Ultimately only a handful of search engines are popular and are used by people.

    Over 90% of website traffic is derived from these handful search engines and all the other search engines contribute only a tiny fraction to the search engine traffic. Just not to take chances and to make use of all possible avenues of attracting visitors to their website, most website owners take the trouble to submit to all possible search engines.

    By submitting your website to the search engines you are just informing them that you have launched a new site and by this you are requesting them to include your site to their index so that when the internet users search for the services provided by you your site will be listed in their search. Since there are hundreds of websites it will consume a lot of time for you to submit your website to all the search engines manually so to save time most webmasters use automatic submission tools. These automatic submission tools are developed basing the submission forms of each search engine. It is enough if you fill all the details in the interface of the software that you use, the software tool will take care of the rest. However, if the search engines change their format the submission your submission will fail. We cannot guarantee that the search engines keep their submission forms the same for ever; they are free to change the format anytime. So you cannot expect 100% success in auto submission. There are number of search engines that do not allow automatic submissions because number of spammers spam the search engines with redundant submissions using automatic submission tools. To keep their search engines clean and effective search engines allow only manual submission. Though manual submissions are highly time consuming it is more reliable and you can avoid a number of mistakes that happen when you use an automatic submission tool. Google for example makes it very clear that you cannot use any automatic submission tools such as WebPositionGold. Once it is stated so clearly don’t try to overrule that and submit your website through automatic tools to those search engines and by engaging in such actions your site will be marked as spam. To ensure that you have a good start, use manual submissions and first prepare a list of all top search engines so that you can cover more ground by submitting to these search engines.

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