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  • Making the Internet a Safer Place

    While businesses and webmasters are busy trying to promote themselves online desperately and trying to get the top results there is something that we cannot forget something even more important and that is internet safety. It is the responsibility of the webmasters to keep the internet or the web space a safe place for themselves and for their users. Safer Internet Day was celebrated on the 5th of February. Various efforts have been taken from various quarters across the web. When we think of internet safety, it is not something that we can celebrate and talk about for a day and then forget but it is something that goes beyond that single day’s efforts.


    When we talk of internet safety, we are also talking of our own safety. It is the responsibility of the webmasters to keep their websites safe. As a business owner or as a webmaster you should make sure to put in place all the required security measures that will make your website a safe place for your visitors. If your website is vulnerable to security attacks then you will not be able to get enough traffic to your website. Some unscrupulous elements on the web pry on websites that have security limitations. You will have to make sure that your website does not become an easy prey for such unscrupulous elements. You will need to secure your website so that malicious software programs are not injected to your website. This is very crucial not only in view of the internet safety but also for your own online performance.

    Search engines like Google identifies websites that behave in a suspicious way and put an additional note in the search results. If your website has any malicious programs or software Google posts an additional note saying, “This website can harm your computer”. If such a note is displayed along with your website’s listing then your website’s traffic rate will drop tremendously. Google states in its official blog that it identifies more than 10,000 unsafe websites every day and that it displays warnings up to 14 millions in the Google search results.

    Staying safe on the web is very important and it is even more important to create safer websites. Improve the safety measures of your website. Just as you are making regular or constant efforts to improve your website’s online visibility, you should also make it a point to address your website’s safety concerns. You should get professional guidance on how to make it a safe place. Only when you establish trust online you will be able to attract business and this also involves the creation of safe websites. If you have been ignoring the safety aspects of your website, it is high time that you started taking efforts to make your website into a secure website. If you have an online shopping system integrated then you should not delay any further in protecting your website users from the unscrupulous elements on the web.

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