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  • Making Proper Reconsideration Requests To Google

    Now that Google is tightening its belts on web spam and black hat SEO many sites are dropped out from the listings. If your website happens to be one of those unfortunate websites you can send your reconsideration request to reinstate your website after making necessary corrections. Matt Cutts in one of the Google WebmasterHelp videos couple of weeks ago instructs webmasters on what should be included in a proper reconsideration request. This video will teach the webmasters how to get their website reinstated successfully.

    Firstly, you should know the reasons why Google has dropped your website from the listings. If your website is dropped from the Google’s listings then it is evident that Google has found your website to be using unethical ranking practices. You will find the do’s and don’ts of link building and other best practices in various Google help sections and under webmaster resources. Before you go ahead with making your reconsideration requests make sure that you clean up all the negative elements. If you have used any black hat tactics such as cloaking, gateway pages, or any other practices make sure that you leave no trace of such tactics in your web pages. It is very important that you remove all such elements before you contact Google.

    Secondly, Matt Cutts instructs that you remove all the spammy links pointing to your website. You will have to make sure that you remove all the paid links to your website. You will have to make a list of websites that you have contacted in this regard. At times it is possible that you have hired an SEO company that has made use of all sorts of negative SEO practices to rank your website and this could have resulted in the dropping of your website from the search results. In such cases, it is vital that you include such information as well in your reconsideration requests.

    Matt Cutts also shares another important piece of information. When you are sending your reconsideration requests it is important that you do not include any suspicious links in your request. Rather Matt Cutts encourages you to make use of Google Doc or Google Spreadsheets to include your reports. The reason being that Google will be able to easily validate your identity when you use such Google resources. Otherwise, it is possible for Google to suspect your links and prevent the Google team to review any random links that you may include in your reconsideration requests as it can be used to pass on malware.

    Most importantly, you should give Google the assurance that you will not use any such practices in future. Many webmasters send reconsideration requests but once their websites are reinstated they get back to their old practices. You will have to remember that Google will be closely monitoring your website and your ranking efforts. Google needs your assurance that you will not use any negative practices in future and use only clean ranking efforts.

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