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  • Make the Best Use of the FAQs Page

    Good webmasters will take advantage of the FAQs or the page on Frequently Asked Questions or the Help page. How does the FAQs page or the Help page help in the SEO process. If you closely observe the FAQs page you will notice that it has a lot of room for creating keyword rich content that is associated with your website. The help page is basically to guide the website users on how to use the website or how to order your products or services.

    A well thought out help page will not only help your website users but it will also attract the attention of the search engine spiders because it serves as a rich source of keyword rich content.

    When you create your FAQs pages make sure to introduce a few questions on each product or product category that you sell through your website. A good content writer who has good knowledge in SEO can work wonders with your SEO page. After creating your help page hyperlink all the keywords to the relevant service or products page. This will increase the number of contextual anchor text within your website. Besides that if you want to take this one step further, instead of putting all the content in a single page, create individual pages for each question. You can list all the questions in a single page and link each question to the respective answer. This way you can easily increase the number of pages with highly relevant content. When you are adding head tags for each of these FAQs page, just optimize it for one or two keywords and let the content too concentrate on those keywords rather than just including a long list of keywords in the head tags. This will help you create highly focused pages.

    Many webmasters use the FAQs pages to optimize the website for secondary level keywords which they were not able to use in the main pages of the website. It will not be effective to optimize the pages for too many keywords so when you have too many keywords you can make use of the FAQs page and thereby increasing the effectiveness of your site’s optimization.

    After creating the FAQs page or the help page go through the entire website and see how you can link the main pages to the FAQs section.

    A word of warning is essential here – when you are using your FAQs page as an effective part of your SEO efforts make sure that you just don’t go overboard with your keyword stuffing. It is one of the common mistakes to create FAQs page just for the sake of search engines. Such pages will not take into consideration the readability of the pages for the human users. So you must be balanced in making effective use of the any SEO technique. If you do not provide quality content to your website visitors then it will affect the credibility of your website. There is no point in taking the trouble to attract visitors to your website when your website is not going to impress the visitors.

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