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  • Long Periods Of Domain Parking Before Actual Launch

    In most cases, the life of the domain starts long before the actual launch of the website. In many occasions the domain remains parked for long periods before the actual launching of the website or at least until the website is designed. There could be various reasons why your website is parked and regardless of the reason why you have parked your website, it can affect your website’s initial ranking and initial online visibility. Why does this happen?

    Google has a separate sector for parked domains and Google tries not to show the parked domains in the search results to avoid user irritation. So Google has its own markers to identify such parked domains. However, despite such filters you will see one or two parked domains slipping to the search results pages. This being the case, when you actually launch your website Google will take a long time for the transition to move your domain name from the parked domain names sector to the actual website that can be listed in the search results. So if you keep your website or your domain name very dormant, then you should be aware that it would have its repercussions when your website is launched. It will take quite some time for your website to show up in the search results. You might as well be discouraged with the poor response of your website to your search engine marketing efforts.

    How do we go about this problem? How to prevent the delays in indexing or delays in getting your website listed in the search results? Google’s web spam team head Matt Cutts teaches that if you anticipate that your website launch is going to be delayed for more than a few weeks either because of the designing process or because you need time to have things readied before the launch, you should put some intro text in your website’s home page. Adding few paragraphs of text in your website before the actual launch will help. The text can be something about your business and it can even indicate the actual launch date of your website so that your visitors will know when to get back to your website for more information. You can also think of including information on any launch offer that you may have in mind. All these will keep your website away from the parked domains sector and it will also keep your customers informed of your business. In other words, it will start the ball rolling. However, do not yet submit your website to Google’s submit URL page because when your website is submitted to Google, the search engine expects your website to be a fully constructed website and not a partially constructed website. Do not give the search engine unnecessary clues that will work against your website.

    You don’t have to worry unnecessarily however with regard to parked domain issues because, this is an area that is very much within your control and you can easily overcome the problem by adding useful content to your website before the actual launch.

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