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  • Link Wheels – What Are They? The latest advance in the competitive and ever changing world of link building is the link wheel. This incredibly powerful concept take link building to a whole new level, virtually creating a whole corner of the internet connected to you and showing search engines that you are highly relevant and well respected.

    Everyone by now has heard of the link wheel, but many don’t understand how it works. Today the link wheel is the hottest thing in the website link building industry, with all concerned knowing it is one of the best ways of building links in a natural way and that Google likes to see sites connected to these wheels.

    A link wheel depends on the power of extrapolation or multiplication to build links for your website. Don‘t think you can have a link wheel because it is too complex? No worries – if your SEO firm is like SubmitEdge, they can help assist you every step of the process.

    Using a Link Wheel service will help you be able to enhance your websites standing in the SERPs. The highest quality link wheel services is run by SubmitEdge, which has over five years of experience in the SEO industry and SEM industry, has helped over 15,000 websites rank well in the search engines through various SEO services, and created the most authentic, powerful version of the link wheel in existence!

    The Link Wheel link building concept has power because it tries to imitate the natural internet pattern of linking, and search engines always love natural link building. Instead of obtaining backlinks from unrelated websites or irrelevant sources, a link wheel works to get your links from related niches on the internet. The link wheels also have the unique ability to multiply your link count over a period of time.

    In the past, some SEO companies created network websites to boost the ranking of particular websites but the problem with these websites was that they raised the suspicion due to their artificial appearance – all of them looked alike and pointed to the same site. With link wheel service, a link wheel is built out of many pieces of the puzzle – which has proven to be the best link building strategy.

    On Monday we’ll discuss the properties and mechanics of the link wheel and show how it not only creates the most effective network of links for your site, but can also be used as a traffic funnel to bring visitors in from all over the web!

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