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  • Link Juice and You

    Page Rank is also known as ‘Link Juice’. We want it. We need it! Niche one way links are the best way to obtain it.

    Link Juice

    Is Your Site Juiced?

    If we work and focus on getting it, we can boost it and pass it around within our own site. Think of Page Rank as how your site gets its power to rise up through the SERPs. The more juice you get to each page, the more va-vooom you have. Some sites have high PR, and pass a jolt of power. Others have more moderate effects; but if you link them together by producing and submitting your own content and linking back to your target site, you can up the power.

    Your site should be the hub of a wheel, with spokes coming in from authoritative sites to mainline juice. Ideally the authority sites (ones with good PR and relevant to your niche) should also be interlinked, forming a maypole weave with your site as the pole in the center, and links wrapping around and tying back to you from all the juicy sites.

    You don’t want to get de-juiced by wasting PageRank on pages that are unimportant, so pay attention to your interlinking in your site, and resist the attempt to PageSculpt or trick Google into thinking certain pages are more important. Instead, use deep links from outside your site to drive juice to those important inner pages.

    You can round-robin some of my pages also to conserve power, linking pages in rings and keeping the juice flowing. Linking vertically straight down will gradually diminish your juice, but horizontal links keep sharing power back and forth.

    If you concentrate on getting links in from as many strong PageRank sites as possible, you should be able to eventually start powering your way up the rankings and get to the first page of Google, assuming your keywords are fairly evenly competitive and not owned by huge ten year old sites with 30,000 links.

    Many people find it helpful to visualize a pyramid, with PageRank flowing like juice from a squeezer down from the home page to the important pages through linking. Others view their site as tiers of pages, with a crisscrossing web of links down through the levels. Infusions of link juice also come from niche one way links outside the site – those high PR web-pages we have been talking about with DoFollow attributes.

    If you can get high PageRank sites to link to you voluntarily and organically, you have just juiced your site. If you can create organic looking links be creating your own content on these valuable sites, you can also get the  juice you need. The accumulation of link juice will eventually increase your chances of favorable PageRank yourself.

    Once you have achieved your own high PageRank you will see your SERPs placement rise and more links will come.

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