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  • Link Building the Google Way

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    Hiring an SEO firm to generate backlinks can help you, but only if they follow the rules and don’t get you tangled up by using black hat tactics.

    To buy backlinks is against Google’s Webmaster guidelines, paid links are taboo:

    Buying or selling links that pass PageRank can dilute the quality of search results. If you believe a site is engaged in buying or selling links that pass PageRank, please tell us about it. Buying or selling links that pass PageRank is in violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines and can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results.

    Google has a form to report paid links that were bought or rented in order to get PageRank, and asks webmasters to turn sites in that are in violation, so don’t think you won’t get caught, and know thaty you and no-one else will be held responsible for your site, no matter who actually bought the links.

    Hiring a link building firm is still a great help if they do it right.You can build as many links as you want and Google will be fine with that as long as you follow webmaster guidelines. In fact, Google actually encourages you to add links to build a better, more authoritative web site. More pages, more articles and more links makes your site user friendly.

    Building links is a lot of work, though. You can significantly reduce your work load by hiring a link building company, as long as the firm that you hire really knows what they are doing and follows all the rules. Linking back is the key to getting the traffic plus search engine rankings.

    Enlisting the services of a link building company can even help you get your site on the front page of Google, increasing traffic and business for you, so consider that as a good option.

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