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  • Knowledge about Specific Industries Essential for SEO

    To be a successful SEO professional, it is not enough just to have knowledge about SEO strategies. Though SEO knowledge is something basic for an SEO professional, there are other factors that are equally important to be a successful SEO professional. One such factor is industry specific knowledge. Without having adequate knowledge a particular industry it is not possible to optimize the website effectively. Each field has its own distinctive vocabulary and semantics pertaining to the services and products within the respective industry. Without having a good grasp of the industry specific vocabulary your SEO efforts will not bear much fruits.

    You cannot just rely on the keyword generation tools to come up with a list of keywords for a website. One must analyze the market specific to that industry and review competitor websites before generating the list of keywords. This is one of the reasons why business owners should suggest the keywords for their websites. As industry specialists they will be capable of coming up with effective keywords than the SEO professionals. What SEO professionals can do is to tweak the keywords so as to ensure that the websites fair well in the searches. SEO professionals can help the business owner to come up with a secondary set of keywords that are less competitive yet draw equally good amount of traffic.

    Even if you get the keywords from the business owners, it is good for the SEO professionals to spend some time understanding the industry and the business model of the website that is under question. Some of the best places to find industry specific information that will be useful in understanding the industry would be forums and blogs. While authoritative websites in the given industry are important, places such as forums and blogs are where you will be able to spot the possible search terms that will be used by people who look for information in a particular field.

    Setting to optimize a website without making proper research about the industry can at times work negatively and push the website further down in the search results for the top keywords for that industry. This is where many companies face problem with their customers. Customers complain that they had much better ranking before using the services of the SEO services company. If only SEO companies give enough importance to acquire industry specific knowledge before optimizing website, they will not have to face such criticisms from their customers. There are number of SEO professionals who operate in a mechanical fashion optimizing the websites. They will have a checklist of items and they will move from step one to step 10 without putting in much thinking into optimization. Much better search rankings can be achieved if the SEO professionals involve themselves in the industry and the first item in the checklist should be acquiring industry specific knowledge pertaining to the website.

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