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  • Keywords to Use in Your Titles

    People are turning to the internet more and more often for quick easy information on every topic you can imagine.

    If you can anticipate some of the questions that might be asked in your own field, you can snag some traffic right off the top with a well worded title and some truly helpful content.

    The main words for a real ‘question query’ are ‘how’, ‘how do’, ‘how can’, ‘how to’, etc. ‘Where’ is also popular for product search, as in ‘Where can (do) I find (name of product here)?’ For that matter, ‘find’ alone is a good keyword.

    ‘Affordable’ is better than ‘free’, unless you can actually offer a freebie product to hook people in and then try for the sale. ‘Buy’ is good, and so are ‘sale’ and ‘discount’.

    For info on actually doing stuff, ‘instructions’, ‘directions’, ‘guide’ and ‘tutorial’ should all be frequent flyers. ‘Steps’, ‘keys’ and ‘ways’ rank up there too. Try ‘fun’, ‘creative’ and ‘fast’ too.

    Once you have figured out what kind of article you intend to write, you can mix and match for maximum effect. Ten Best Ways or Affordable Family Fun other like titles can be combine with geographically specific areas if that will assist you – Tampa, SF, Chicago, Manhattan, etc.

    Top Ten Ways to Prepare Venison would be a good title, as would Discount Taxidermy Services – Trading Meat for Stuffing. (What?? It’s almost hunting season!!)

    Don’t be afraid to write several different articles on similar subjects – as long as the content is significantly different between articles, you can try out the different types of titles and see what generates the most traffic, you will have extra content for submission to directories, and you won’t have duplicate content issues.

    It’s important to have a friendly, engaging style to your articles. If they aren’t interesting, people won’t read them, but if you have a solid hook at the beginning and a smooth flowing article that leaves them happy at the end than you will have come a long way towards fulfilling the need for information.

    The trick is to put your material in an easy to follow format for the thousands of people who want information fast, now and without a lot of fuss.

    If you don’t use keywords that people are likely to type into search engines, you aren’t going to rank. It’s as simple as that. By optimizing your articles starting at the title and keeping a steady light influx through out the entire piece, you can ensure that your information will be seen.

    After that hurdle is past, hopefully your article will be linked to and eventually climb up toward the number one spot on Google. Your articles can drive traffic to your site, and in turn your sales will increase.

    Try it out. If you don’t have the talent for writing, hire out a set of specific articles aimed at increasing attention and see how big of a difference it makes. Then you can tackle your keyword optimization in earnest.

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