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  • Keyword Density That Will Make or Break Your Ranking

    Search engine optimization has become one of the most popular and the most wanted internet service of this decade. There is an increasing awareness among website owners about the need for search engine optimization for the online success of their websites. This increasing awareness creates over enthusiasm in their efforts leading them to make mistakes. Often partial knowledge is what leads to majority of the SEO related problems. People read an article on the importance of link building and try to get links from all types of websites irrespective of the nature of the website from which they try to secure a link, its relevance to their website and the pagerank etc. They are not really aware that by linking to websites that are not really relevant to their website or linking with a website that has lesser pagerank can only hinder their SEO success rates.

    Similarly, we hear about the importance of keyword density in the content of the web pages and what most of us do is to hire a content writer to develop fresh content that is stuffed with keywords and every third word will be a keyword! Again most of the webmasters are not aware that excessive stuffing of keywords can have their sites penalized by Google and the other search engines. The keywords should not obstruct the natural flow of the website content and it should not make the text look artificial. The keywords should never look forced into the text. To make things worse, there are keyword and key phrase generation software products that generate a long list of keyword phrases for any given area based on the keywords that we feed the software which are supposedly used by the internet users. Most of them have no rhyme or reason and such key phrases too will be forced into the text making the entire text awkward following no rules of grammar. This will frustrate your human users and your website will lose its credibility and that is the irony of the outcome that results from your efforts. You are making all these efforts to attract traffic but if you do not have a palatable website that your visitors will enjoy using then they will decide never to return to your website. You should ensure that your website projects a professional image and meets all the professional standards while at the same time making efforts to please the search engines.

    Search engine optimization is both an art and a science. It has to be done with care with enough thought put into it and the solution should be a holistic one. All your efforts should be well balanced. When you include the keywords make sure that the same keyword does not repeat itself for more than three times within every 500 words. You will have better results if the keywords appear once in the first three lines of your text for the first time and the rest distributed through out the text; if possible include the keyword in the heading of the page using H1 tag.

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