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  • Is Your Niche the Right One?

    Choosing the right niche may not seem very complicated, but it is a cornerstone of success. Finding the right niche that will provide you with productive results depends on two main factors – a product or service, and finding the right audience to target for that product or service.

    A niche is simply put a corner of the market where there is a shortage of supply versus demand. The best way for you to track down highly searched topics is by using a program that will show you what people are looking for, and as importantly, how they are looking for it. Google offers tools that are helpful in this area, albeit a bit imperfect. When you add modifiers like how, buy, fix and online to your niche keywords, you will find out what people need and how they are looking for it. Refining your search will help you attain the best keywords and key phrases to target.

    The niche you choose should be ready to be monetized – meaning you can jump right in and begin converting. To do this, you either need strong affiliates or an established advertising base. Once you have found a site or two with good commission rates, you can check how much actual search there is for your keywords.  Don’t hesitate to take some cues from your competition. The greater the number of results you see, the greater the demand is – and that is what you want! You can use the Adwords tool to generate similar terms and figure out how to use long tail keywords in addition to your major ones. This is not popular with everyone, but Adwords can be a great jumping off point is used correctly.

    There should be at least 500 different possibilities for optimization, with additional spin-offs.  That sounds like a huge number, but in actuality it is very focused. The more options you have for optimization, the greater chance you have to end up on the front page of the SERPs for one or more of your keyword phrases. Think of it this way – ranking for two keywords is nice – ranking for 200 derivatives is exceptional!

    You can also use Google tools to determine potential pay-per-click amounts from advertisers. If you can draw traffic that makes you attractive to advertisers, you should monetize your site and take advantage of the extra income. Just make sure the ads are relevant, pay sufficiently for your valuable space, and do not overwhelm your own content.

    Develop strong content and a linking campaign to match it. SEO will get far, a linking campaign can take you farther and to the next level. Figure out who your best customers are and target them effectively. Soon your niche site will be up and business will be booming! It takes some work, but a reputable SEO company can help take a lot of the guesswork out of it and have ou up and running in no time.

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