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  • Is Google Penguin To Drive More Revenue To Google?

    Every time Google updates its algorithm whether it is Panda, Penguin 1.0 or Penguin 2.0, number of websites experience sudden drop in traffic. What do these websites do to keep their traffic rate steady? They go and buy more ads from Adwords and no one can deny this behavior pattern. Looking at this pattern it is not all that difficult for the business analysts and webmasters to arrive at the equation, new algorithmic updates like Penguin drives less traffic to websites but more revenue to Google. The conclusion or the allegation therefore is that Google purposefully makes those algorithmic changes so that websites will lose their traffic and ranking. The reasoning for Google’s conspiracy theory is growing strong day by day.
    Google Penguin

    However, Google’s top expert, Matt Cutts has a different story to share with us. According Google’s Matt Cutts, Google makes these updates not to drive more money but the company acts keeping in mind what is best for the internet community. To support his statement he points to the fact that Google’s revenue after Panda caused a revenue drop. Matt Cutts states that Google always does what is best for the internet community on the long run even if it means short-term revenue loss for the company. This of course has to be taken with grain of salt, whether Google will really do that even when it knows that it is going to bring revenue loss.

    Matt Cutts goes on to point to the fact that webmasters are putting in way too much efforts and spend too much time on link building. This is not to mean that link building is not important to Google but Matt Cutts encourages webmasters to focus more on social media. Another factor emphasized by Matt Cutts is that webmasters should create compelling content so that it gets recognized in the industry and it gets noticed by the right audience.

    Probably, Matt Cutts has a point here; if you make compelling content, when you focus on creating the best content, then you may not have to probably worry about Panda updates of Penguin updates. You will also not be blaming Google of conspiracy theory. With Panda or without Panda, with Penguin or without Penguin, you will have to make sure as a webmaster to deliver the finest quality content to your users.

    In view of the Penguin Update, Matt Cutts also has given a clear explanation on the difference between data refresh and algorithmic update. Data refresh does not use a new program to assess the data but only takes into account the fresh data that is available from the previous data update. Algorithmic update on the other hand is kind of a total re-haul based on the new program that is used to assess the data. Understanding this difference is crucial for every webmaster. With Penguin 2.0 Google has made an algorithmic change and not just a data refresh, hence the probable changes in website ranking and drop of traffic, etc.

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