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  • Increasing Your Traffic during the Holiday Season – Last Minute Efforts

    There are number of businesses that count a great deal on their holiday season. As Christmas draws closer, the online sales in websites are expected to rise and this is the time you should maximize your website’s potential. If you are keen in getting organic traffic through search engines, you need to start the preparations at least three months before the holiday season starts. If you have been lying low with your online promotional efforts due to certain constraints, you should not give up completely. You can still manage to get some decent traffic by carefully planning your online promotion. If you miss this season, then you need to wait for one more year before you can get the kind of sales that you can expect during the holiday seasons.

    The first place you should start is Digg; you can create new pages and integrate with your website. Submit the new page to Digg, or if you have not submitted your website already to Digg, you do not have to create any new page. Digg does not allow the same URL to be submitted twice. If you have any pages that are relevant but not yet submitted at Digg, you can submit it with a catchy title and a captivating story. You can see your search ranking soaring high in the major search engines with this. However, you should be aware that the search rankings for those keywords would only be temporary. This is just to tap the maximum online traffic. So do not rely on just Digg submission for long-term optimization. Make the title as close to the keywords your are targeting. Too boost your Digg effort, use to tag the Digg page with relevant tags.

    Another way of getting quick traffic and search ranking is using press releases. You can send out press releases advertising your discounts and offers. This too will get you link and some temporary surge of visitor traffic.

    The next last minute strategy to increase your traffic, which of course will cost you some money, is to go for ad campaigns such as Adwords campaign.

    Submitting well-written articles to websites with good pagerank will help. At this time, do not waste time in submitting your articles to articles with no PR or low PR. The efforts now are focused on getting some quick traffic. In directories such as with has a PR 6, newly submitted and approved articles are featured in the home page. If you are lucky, you might get Google spiders crawling the high PR home page and find your website from a high PR page. This too can be helpful; however, the success of this strategy fluctuates greatly. If you have exhausted all the other options, you can certainly try this and there is no harm in that. You will anyway get you long-term benefits for submitting your articles to article directory.

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