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  • Importance Of Keeping Yourself Abreast With The Latest SEO Strategies

    SEO Strategies

    When it comes to marketing your website online and search engine optimization, it is important to keep yourself abreast with the latest tools and techniques. We can easily get contented with the old and stale methods without really checking how effective they are. Some of us take a mechanical approach when it comes to optimizing our websites. We add the tags, modify the titles, alter the content to meet keyword requirements and consider that the optimization to be done. We never bother to look for alternative methods and better approaches. On the other hand, search engines themselves do not keep their algorithms same. They keep modifying the algorithms for various reasons including reducing abuse and black hat techniques.

    We only need to take a little closer look at the changes that have taken place in the history of SEO. Initially there was so much of importance given to the Meta Tags and it was considered to be THE factor that helped your site rank well in the search engines. There came a situation when no body bothered anymore about Meta Tags. Then the concentration was moved on to the Keyword density. The whole world rushed to modify their website’s content and stuffed it with keywords. Knowing the abuse, search engines modified their algorithms and managed to pick keyword-stuffing issues. Whenever there was too much of keyword stuffing, search engines penalized websites. After this webmasters brought in moderation with regard to the keyword density. People also found that using set of keywords that are geographically specific had better results when compared to general keywords.

    There was a stage when directory submission was a much-hailed method to get your back links and number of software tools were developed leading to submit websites to directories and along with it came the abuse of repetitive submissions. Web directories started resisting automatic submissions and they allowed only manual submissions.

    As we can see from the handful of examples above, at every stage, there was some abuse and this resulted in the approach of the search engines. If we don’t update ourselves with the latest happenings in the world of search engine optimization, we will continue with our old methods that can lead to unnecessary troubles. We can even be banned due to the usage of methods that are still not approved or considered illegal. Though we don’t intend anything malicious, our ignorance can easily make the search engines brand us as black hat SEOs and the damage caused will be really severe. So even when you are using an SEO company to optimize your website you must make sure to find out whether they are not using outdated techniques that will put you to unnecessary trouble. Once you make a mistake and suffer the impact of the mistake, it will take a considerable period to recover from the effects of that mistake. Meanwhile you would have lost the market and your competitors would have gone far ahead of you.

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