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  • How to Safeguard your Online Reputation

    Online business can pick up only if you have an impeccable reputation. Any mark on your credibility can work against your business. You need to work on your credibility to win the trust of your potential customers. Only if the customers start placing their trust in your business can your business strike root.
    How to Safeguard your Online Reputation

    Here we take a look at what steps you need to take to safeguard your online reputation:

    Website design: Imagine you are out shopping and step into a shop where things are in disarray and you are unable to locate anything that you were looking for. What would be your instinctive reaction? Obviously, you would get out of that store and go on to another store, wouldn’t you? The same goes for websites too. Unless you have an excellently designed website with appropriate sections suitably describing the products or services making navigation easy for your visitors, you cannot retain their interest. If they are unable to smoothly get through your website and locate the products or services easily they will exit from your site and find another one to suit their needs. Your website appearance speaks a lot about your credibility so it has to be given the due importance. Never overlook the quality of your website content too.

    Customer priority: Customer is always the king and should be treated thus. Do not take them for granted. Stop being pushy or assume the role of an aggressive salesperson. Even if you do not make a sale at present, do not displease your customer as they are your potential customers; if not today, then tomorrow. So keep working on gaining their trust and building your reputation. Do not ignore any correspondence or complaint from your customer. Even if you are not in a position to solve their problems, you must definitely acknowledge them and assure that you are looking into the matter.

    Over-commitment and non-deliverance: Make it a point to never over-commit. Ensure that you deliver on the promises that you make. If you do not, then nothing more is needed to lose your credibility. Customers will lose trust in you and your reputation will take a serious beating. Do not resort to misleading marketing tactics to ensnare customers. Be transparent and ethical in your dealings. Only that can help you build up an unwavering reputation for your business.

    Assuming responsibility: Never ignore any customer queries or complaints. Assume responsibility for any lapses that have occurred on your part and apologise whenever necessary. As far as possible, rectify the problems or any issues that have cropped up or the least you can do is assure the customer by when it will be rectified. All this will make the customer see how serious you are about your business and add to your credibility.

    Be accessible: Your customers should be able to reach you when they wish to. Have your website display the proper address and phone numbers or email id where they can approach you and always acknowledge any correspondence that you receive from them.

    A point to always remember is that reputation cannot be gained overnight. You need to work on it consistently and over a period of time. So never give up and keep working at it.

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