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  • How To Make Visitors Stay Longer In Your Website?

    All of know how difficult it is to get top rankings in the search engines for the right keywords and the efforts required to remain on top of the search results. All these efforts will make sense only when the visitors that come to your website stay long enough in your website. One of the essential factors for increasing the conversions rate in your website is to increase the average time spent by the visitors in your website. You will get very little chance to convert your visitors to buyers if they do not spend enough time in your website. Added to that you must also know that search engines also keep track of the amount of time visitors spend on a web page. This information helps them assess the importance of a particular web page against a specific keyword. The assumption here is that a visitor that comes to a web page after making a specific keyword search happens to leave the page in just few seconds, then he or she probably is not finding the information in the web page relevant to their search so they leave the website. This makes search engines give lesser priority to those pages in future searches. All these should make you look for ways to improve upon the average time spent by your visitors in your website.

    Firstly, you should make sure to keep your optimization efforts highly focused. You should not optimize each page for too many words and the keywords should be related to each other only then you will be able to provide relevant content in your web page. When you are optimizing your web page for top keywords, make sure that these keywords get prominence in the web page content. You can use these keywords in the page headings so that your visitors will see them immediately as soon as they come to your website. This effort will help you convince your visitors that they are in the right place and make them spend some more time in your website reading what you have got to offer.

    All the salient features of your products and features should be made visible to your visitors as soon as they come to your website. Rather than having chunky paragraphs of content, present the information in bulleted formats, which will make easy reading. As the internet offers the consumers with myriad options, internet users are becoming highly vacillating. Therefore, you must make the best use of the first few initial seconds that they are in your website. If you miss this opportunity then you will lose your visitors forever, as your competitors are ready to grab your prospective customers.

    Keep your landing page design and layout simple, neat and impressive. Have a clear goal for each page. You should direct your website visitors towards that goal. Not many websites know how to do this and hence they lose a lot of visitors that come to their website.

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