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  • How to Get Permanant Links Without Paying for Them Do you really want to pay for links? For a long time it was believed that if you were going to climb to the top of the search engine ranking mountain that paid links was the only way to get there. While some hold that mantra as a given, the reality is that paid links will get you nowhere faster than a car without gas. Why is that the case and what can you do about it?

    The fact of the matter is that paid links are the quick short road to nowhere. Google is extremely good at picking out paid links and separating them from organic links. Much like a parent disciplining a misbehaving child, Google while spank you for paid links by tanking your ranking. That is money down the drain.

    It is also necessary to consider the nature of your paid links. Link farms, and even sites that have not received the link farm tag Google but host many links have one thing in common – new links come in at the top and old links sink to the bottom. It is not the best expenditure of your money to place a paid link that is going to quickly going to settle into a sea of other links and get lost. People have a strong tendency to start at the top of a page and work their way down which means the odds are they will find whatever it is they are looking for long before your link is ever seen. Is that really how you want to spend your money?

    Speaking of money, it costs a lot of money to keep placing paid links month after month. If you expect to increase traffic consistently and paid links is your means to that end, every month you will need to keep placing more and more. Before long, you could easily wind up using a significant portion of your monetary gains just to tread water.

    The best, and easiest way, to get around that is to hire an SEO/SEM company to build your traffic. When using an SEO/SEM company, you will still get the permanent links you desire. They are permanent one way links that do not simply get tossed into a pool of other non-associated links. Because they are both relevant and natural you ate not going to have to worry about Google penalizing them and you are not going to have to deal with the mounting costs of replacing them month after month just to hold your ground.

    When it comes to your promotion budget it is best to take the safe road and go with a proven technique that delivers positive results. A one or two day spike in traffic from paid links cannot hold a candle to the consistent growth offered by using an SEO/SEM company to use their trial tested techniques to increase your traffic and page rank.

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