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  • How to Get People to Re-Visit Your Blog

    You can make your blog something that people look forward to simply by setting up a pattern of themes throughout the week. Get people interested, and give them something to share. The following are some ideas you could use to set up your blog – just make sure once you start a program like this that you follow through – even if it means writing a bunch of content like mad for a week or two to create a stockpile, or hiring a blogger to take care of daily posts. (Make sure you can trust whomever you hire to provide original content!)

    1. Monday can be a kick start to the week. Try a theme like “Tip of the Week” to make everyone’s work week go better. Add a funny photo to beat the ‘Monday Blues’ and ask for people to offer captions. You can publish the winner later and have a token prize for best caption. Add an interesting informative article to get people thinking.

    2. Tuesday. Everyone’s past the Monday Blues and digging into the work week. Time for ‘Tuesday Trivia’ so have a quiz, a list of little known facts, or something else that tickles the brain.

    3. Wednesdays are that pothole in the middle of the week that suck us down and we start to flag. Just go with it, and do a “Pet “peeve” of the day, maybe followed by a “I hate such and such because” article that can be tongue in cheek to get a wry laugh.

    4. Thursday. I like to add a ‘Mythbuster’ somewhere in the week, and Thursday is as good a day as any. Burst somebody’s bubble. Also do a poll, people need to feel like their opinions count.

    5. Friday is a happy day, a cause for rejoicing. Post the winning caption and photo, post a completely unrelated and hysterical TGIF video, post yourself doing the Snoopy dance on YouTube. Oh, and the results from the poll the previous Thursday, maybe with a short article pertaining to the topic.

    Weekends can be a free for all. If you post something really good, make sure you feature a snippet and link on Monday. If you can keep people interested and coming back for more, they will eventually start linking to you to share, and you can also funnel traffic to your website!

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