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  • How to come up with a Blog Post that Appeases the Search Engines

    Writing a blog that catches and retains the interest of the readers and at the same catches the attention of the search engine is a challenge that any writer faces. Coming up with a reader-friendly and SEO-friendly blog post is a test that the blogger has to undergo each time they write a new blog. But as a fellow blogger, I would say your focus should be only on the readers and not the machines. If your blog post is appealing enough for the readers, the search engine would find it interesting too.

    How to come up with a Blog Post that Appeases the Search Engines

    It is not too tough to come up with a blog that engages both the readers and the search engines. Let us see how:

    Interesting: It goes without saying that your blog should be of interest to the readers. Inform them or educate them or even entertain them through the post. Adding a bit of humor element to the blog will definitely help you capture the interest of the readers. Unless you have an important point to make, your blog post would fail to get readers.

    Structure: Do not just jot down random thoughts that come to your mind. No reader would enjoy reading that. Have a certain plan and structure to your blog before starting to write. Unless you are an exceptionally good writer, writing without a skeleton text would prove disastrous. So note the important points that you need to cover before starting the blog.

    Layout: Design your blog with bullet points or have sub-headings for the main points as this will help the reader glance through the important points and decide if they want to read the complete blog. And having properly spaced out paragraphs with sub headings makes the blog look good and appealing to the eye.

    Length: Make sure that your blog is not too short such that you do not give substantial information. At the same time, it should not be too long that the reader will lose interest after a certain point of time. Keep it of adequate length between 400-600 words.

    Keywords: The main point of your blog should be highlighted throughout the blog. Use it in the heading and adequate number of times in the text. Do not overdo it as it may end up unreadable.

    Sensible: Do not lose focus on why you are writing the blog. Make it sensible for the audience and cut it straight to the point without beating around the bush. Do not repeat your ideas to fill up space. Always remember that your readers are intelligent, so do not to talk down to them.
    Gone are the days when some SEO tricks could be employed to get you higher rankings. Content and mind you; good quality content is the only way to reach the top of the search engines. So train your attention on improvising the content quality and search engine recognition will follow automatically.


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