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  • How to avoid boredom on your social media pages?

    As someone who actively uses social media for various purposes, it’s best not to just stop at following Influencers. There is a lot more in the world of social networking than one can imagine. While one logs into his account, the least he does is follow a mix of people; mostly marketers, salespeople, creative heads, and professionals or ends up updating his status that pleads people to follow the page. Instead of using such desperate moves, why not try something innovative? When you do so, there will be a mixed reaction. Improvise based on the reviews which you get and you will be a leader on this new media. Here are a few guidelines that will help you.

    How to avoid boredom on your social media pages

    Make use of Hashtags
    The mission of almost all the social media platforms is to give every person the power to create and share original ideas. So when you share your ideas, does it reach out to the relevant audience? That’s where Hashtags can help you out.

    However, one must research well to find out which hashtag suits their posts the best and is trendy among a large group of people. When you use popular hashtags, it makes it easier for people searching for related results to find your posts easily. This in turn increases engagement and makes your page visible to a large number of users.

    Mention others in your Posts
    Giving credit to an individual or company that has shared an idea or blog with you is beneficial. Taking some time out and finding the person who created the idea for you and tagging them have multiple benefits. If the person you tag is an influencer in your niche, you win the jackpot. You are in their good books & your brand or service will be visible to the influencer’s followers as well.

    Moreover, engagement can also be increased when you appreciate your followers’ posts and share or retweet them. When you share other people’s ideas and posts too, people will look forward to what you have to share or post next.

    Take a stand on issues in your niche
    There is no harm in letting your followers know what your point of view about a particular situation is. When you do so, you might start a conversation or a debate. If all of this is handled wisely and positively, this could boost your reach and your followers count. Once in three days, find something everyone would like to talk about and share it. Don’t forget to mention the name of the author and ask your followers for their views.

    The more they are going to interact, the livelier your page will be. When you try new and engaging ways, your followers will always be curious to know what step you are going to take next.

    Do not be lazy anymore when it comes to social media networking as it has a lot to offer. Make all your profiles, pages and posts approachable and work on the aspects you are lagging behind. When you are on social market, keep in mind that you should update posts for humans and not machines.

    Govind Agarwal is a Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing Expert at SubmitEdgeseo, with over 6 years experience in the Web Marketing Techniques.

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