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  • How Important are Submissions?

    Submissions is a huge part of any SEO campaign. It doesn’t matter how well done your website is if no-one sees it! Here are a few things you or your SEO firm should be doing to improve your visibility.

    Submit to search engines. If you don’t show up in results, you won’t ghet clicks – and don’t think just Google is enough! You should be in every possible search engine out there. If you aren’t, you could be losing out on possible traffic!

    Submit to article directories. Having articles out on the web increases your linking power and also drives organic traffic your way. If you can get your articles ranked on Google, it’s like having your site ranked by proxy!

    Submit press releases. This is one of the time honored ways to get visibility that is really coming into its own. If you can get some press releases in front of the right people, you can have an explosion of interest in your site.

    Submit to blogs – in the form of guest articles, comments, etc. Forums, too. Your social network skills are having to be sharpened daily, so why not build yourself a reputation for clear, sage advice?

    Submit answers. People ask questions online all the times. Become an expert at a place like Yahoo Answers or some such place, and you might get some followers!

    Submit to book marking sites and vote content up or down. Sites like Digg and Buzz can be a good place to gain some visibility -0 just make sure you have something good to offer as they are also the least forgiving.

    Submit new ads, constantly. Test and tweak your ad campaign, always looking for new ways to reach your demographic. Also find ways to make your product appeal across a broader spectrum. Expansion is the name of the game.

    When you pay attention to submissions, you will see results. You get more exposure, and become more visible with each submission, and one day you wake up on top of search results as well for careful SEO and long keyword tail phrases – and you can see the results in ever increasing ROI.

    Check up on your progress by searching for yourself on different engines, and see what pops up. You might find a few places that are overlooked. When you are fully optimized, you should always show up somewhere even on the weirdest ranking search engines!

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