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  • How Does The Freshness Of Your Content Contribute To Your Ranking?

    One of the questions that is frequently discussed among webmasters is how the freshness (QDF) of the content in your website help or affect your ranking. When Matt Cutts was asked the same question, explained that just because you are updating your pages on your website frequently you do not automatically rank higher. Google freshness factor seems to work differently. The term, Query that Deserves Freshness or QDF does not apply to all aspects of the search. For example in news sites, the content has to be updated frequently with the latest happenings on any chosen area. If the news content is not fresh then the visitors are not going to benefit much and there is no reason why Google should promote such a website.

    Matt Cutts explains that QDF factor counts only when the query is looking for some fresh event or latest happenings. Not all queries are seeking for fresh content as in the case of navigational content and evergreen content. For a scholar that is conducting a research might need old data and old information and here the freshness factor does not play a great role.

    If your website is in a niche that requires regular updating of the content then you should try to feed your visitors with the fresh content. Otherwise, it is not advisable to just to change the content of the web pages of your company website by changing a few words here and there in an attempt to get a boost in the ranking for freshness factor. When you are optimizing your website for Google you should take a holistic approach and not just compartmentalize Google’s 200 ranking factors. You should see how all the optimization factors fit well in the bigger picture.

    However, in terms of freshness, every niche industry is continually evolving. New trends emerge, new techniques are found and your website should have updates on such things, which will contribute towards fresh content. If you are selling mobile phones or if you are into video games or movies then everyday something new is happening in such niches, which you should feed to your internet users. So content freshness and freshness boost has to be understood from the right perspective.

    In this regard try to overcome the temptation to keep rewriting your pages just to keep the content look fresh but ultimately your content is saying the same thing but adds no special value to the internet community because it is saying the same thing  in different words. That is not what Google is expecting, rather what Google is expecting is fresh information, new insights and the like. Stay away from half-baked SEOs that try to mislead you. Look towards enriching the internet with fresh information and new content by providing the users with industry updates and industry developments. Presenting such information will also help you project an authoritative image in the industry. Google certainly gives freshness boost to websites in the search results, which however has to be understood in the right perspective.

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