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  • Highly Competitive Keywords – How to win the Race?

    Optimizing your website for highly competitive keywords can pose a great challenge and the results may not be that pleasing because often we may have to fight with internet giants who have some 20,000 back links or more. We will be only be whiling away our time trying to optimize the site for such highly competitive keywords; if we have to get ourselves ranked in the top 10 or 20 positions then we must match our competitors in all aspects but we may not have enough resources, time and money for a new business owner to put up such a tough fight and more over it will rather be highly time consuming.

    This does not mean that we may not be able to get organic traffic to our website through search engines. There is more than one way to win; as a new business owner your immediate goal should be to attract natural traffic to your website. How do we do that but? The answer lies in the individuality of people; not every one uses exactly the same keywords and key phrases to while they look for a service. Each one will have a different approach and we need to tap into this to attract traffic to our websites. Instead of going for single keywords try and optimize your website for longer key phrases so that you can increase the chances of getting listed at least for those longer strings while you continue to strengthen your optimization for single and double keywords.

    Moreover, you can localize your optimization along with the secondary keywords and this has worked wonders for me often and you will certainly be happy with the results. It is not just attracting any kind of traffic; the game is about attracting targeted traffic. Not SEO professionals have this insight; you will be able to get more targeted traffic when you use longer key phrases in your optimization. Let us just take a closer look at this, if you are going to search using a single keyword such as “web design” it can be used by people looking for various things and not necessarily a web design company; they may even be looking for information on web design and where to learn web designing and what is the use of getting such traffic to a website that sells web design services. Here even if you have appeared on top the traffic you get is not that focused or targeted. Where as if someone uses a long key phrase such as “quality web design services Alexandria” then the user is very clear in what he or she is looking for and the traffic you get for such a keyword phrase will be a sure hit. As you can see the ratio of targeted traffic you get to your website is for longer keyword phrases.

    If you want to attract traffic to your website for highly competitive services you can still do it but you should be prepared to change your strategy to get the desired results.

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