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  • Guarding Yourself Against SEO Scams

    All of us are desperate to beat the competition and to get on to the top of the online war. Especially in these times of financial slow down when the entire world is feeling the pinch of the credit crunch, we are ready to do anything to increase sales and to drive some additional traffic to our websites. In our effort we can easily be misled by empty promises that we see online.

    You can protect yourself from most of the scams that you see online. The basics of success in SEO run on these two principles – continuous efforts and patience. Continuous efforts go without saying should be right efforts and approved strategies. Even if you manage to achieve the most envied #1 position in Google you cannot sit back and relax. You need to work 10 times harder to retain that position because your competitors will never stop working on their website’s promotion. Besides that more and more competitors constantly enter the market. So as you can guess, the pressure simply mounts high and it is not going to change what so ever. We need to face the reality and make continuous efforts. No website owner can cay at any point that they have completed doing everything and now it is all over. There are always more links to add to increase your link popularity; there are always more social book markings that need to be made. This is certainly a never ending process. When you are doing all these you need to work with a trusted partner who can provide you with a reliable service so that you are not anxious all the time how you are getting your website’s rankings. You should not be forced to hire a third party to see whether your SEO company is using any black hat SEO strategy to promote your website.

    The next aspect in the list is patience. You can never expect results overnight when it comes to stable position in search engines. Efforts such as press releases can give you the necessary boost on online searches but they are of temporary nature. However, this is not to mean that they are not of any use. Such efforts should certainly be made to keep the ball rolling but your website would need something more stable than these efforts. When it comes to your website’s SEO and online promotion you need to know that you are not on a crash weight loss program that promises results in 7 days time. You need to accept the reality here again that working with search engines and getting more stable results will take time. Everything else can be ruled out from your list of options to be considered as they would most often be scams that are designed to drain away your money.

    So all your efforts and decisions should be geared towards getting stable results rather than fast results. Yes of course online time is crucial but at the same time you should learn to play the balance so that you are not easily lured by scams.

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