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  • Googlers To Googlers, Opens Up Myriad Opportunities To Learn

    Google has launched Googlers to Googlers program, which is meant to help people share knowledge, teach one another and learn one’s favorite topic. Googlers To Googlers which is also popularly referred as g2g is a community based program from the CSI: Lab. CSI stands for Creative Skills For Innovation. The intention of this community based program is to help Googlers experience innovation. This approach brings together people from diverse backgrounds.

    The user centered CSI: Lab is prototype driven. Small groups are formed in the community. Here are five ways how googlers to googlers community can enhance creativity at home and office. The following points are taken from the Google Blog post made on 13th of Dec.

    Know and Own What Inspires You. G2G CSI: Lab encourages the googlers to understand where one’s inspiration comes from. The community allows the googlers to accomplish ten times more than what one is currently achieving. The next important factor is that the CSI: Lab encourages googlers to think like a child. This simply means that Googlers should be open and should question everything one sees and experiences. The third factor the CSI: Lab emphasizes is dive into something new. G2G community is a platform for googlers to try and explore unfamiliar grounds. The CSI: Lab presents a very impressive platform for people that like to try something totally new.

    Googlers to Googlers community also allows the users to have fun with unusual materials while developing an idea. The CSI: Lab allows the users to think outside the box. The CSI: Lab promises great fun for the users. The next important factor the CSI: Lab encourages the users is to invest in your physical space. The G2G community encourages the users to create very playful environment.

    Google offers the users with the many interesting platforms where the users can share information in a very positive environment. In doing all these Google is trying to create a lot of quality content online. From the community perspective the users find suitable platform to share knowledge and learn through Google CSI:Lab.

    Googlers to Googlers is a very impressive platform and Google has further plans to take this platform big. Google has been trying the Google CSI: Lab in over 37 Google offices since 2010 and the post indicates that around 9000 googlers have participated in the lab. There are over 50 ambassadors for the CSI: Lab today that are designing and helping more such labs to emerge as part of the g2g expansion program.

    Many interesting outputs can be expected from the CSI: Lab in the near future. Google has already proved to be one of the most proactive search engines on the web and the company has been very actively engaging the internet users to go beyond the regular search activities and interact with one another in a very positive way. The CSI: Lab inspires the internet community to make the difference. More updates on the CSI:Lab can be found in the Google Blog in the forthcoming days.

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