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  • Google To Sponsor IPI News Innovation Contest Awarding $2.7 Million

    Google is always found to be interested in offering online users with quality and latest news and is obviously in support with organizations that are working towards bringing in innovation in news in the digital age. Google has been found to support publishers and other organizations who are working towards innovation in the news sector online. Google has been partnering with such groups to develop technological solutions in order to make the online platform a better and varied source to get genuine and quality news in a innovative fashion. As an effort towards it, Google had sanctioned $5 million as grants for non-profit organizations that are working on the development and implementation of various latest and new approaches to journalism. Knight Foundation in the United States was the first non-profit organization to match these criteria and was allocated 40% of the total fund for the development. This amount was sanctioned by Google in October last year.

    The International Press Institute has been awarded $2.7 million as grants by Google today. The grants that are offered by Google will be used by the International Press Institute (IPI) for sponsoring for the IPI News Innovation Contest. Approving the grants Google has said, “The contest seeks to find and fund breakthrough ideas that will have a lasting impact on the future of digital news in communities across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.” This time, it has been announced that the grants will be offered both for non-profit and for-profit organizations that are taking efforts to the development of innovative strategies and techniques for improvising journalism online. This will also include development of mobile technology projects or any other open source that can be used for journalists and those that are distributed in public interest. The IPI will be collecting proposals from projects that are mainly developed for bringing in innovation in journalism, new models, techniques and strategies, digital reporting and so on. Participants are requested by the IPI to submit their proposals from today and the invite will be open till June 1st.

    Google has expressed their confidence about IPI and their expectations on the competition that is organized by IPI. On behalf of the IPI, Google as well has requested those who are working towards introduction of innovation in the field of journalism online to submit their proposals and take part in the competition. Irrespective of where it is small or big, all types of proposals that discuss about advancement in the field of digital journalism are invited. Google has expressed its confidence by saying, “We’re sure they’ll be able to find and advance some great digital journalism projects over the next couple of years—and we encourage anyone with innovative ideas, large or small, to apply for a grant from the IPI.” Meanwhile, Google has also said that it will continue its experiments in the development of new products and projects that will make digital journalism better and improve its performance online.

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