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  • Google Rolls Out Google Map For iPhone

    Google announced Google Map for iPhone on 13 Dec. Google Map would be available for download in the Apple App Store. Non- availability of Google Maps has been a longstanding complaint among the iPhone users and now the gap has been filled with the latest App for iPhone from Google. The company promises customers fast and accurate results.

    Google map includes more than 80 million businesses across the world. Now these 80 Million businesses are accessible to the segment of people that make use of iPhone, which is considered a prospective segment of Customers. Google Map gives information such as the business address, Opening hours of the business and other useful information about the business.

    The rolling out of this new app from Google for the iPhone users should come as good News to the Webmasters because the Website’s accessibility has now been extended to new range of customers. So the efforts taken by the website owners will now become even more worthwhile now with extended audience.

    If you have not included your business in Google places already then it is high time that you started taking efforts on getting your business listed in Google places. By getting your business listed in Google maps, you will be able to dramatically improve the online visibility of your business. Google Maps for the iPhone has been rolled out simultaneously in 40 Countries and the app supports around 29 languages. Businesses in the travel industry can enjoy great growth because people that are looking for travel services on other countries and hotel information in other Countries will have access to your business through Google Map. Not only the travel industry will start getting more visitors from international queries there are many other industries and businesses that Serve international Customers that can benefit through the new App for iPhone.

    Google promises to continually improve the quality of the user experience. As more and more people continue to download the app from their iPhone businesses that already have their history in Google places will receive More walk-ins. Webmasters Should try the Google map in iPhone to see Whether the map renders all the details correctly in the iPhone interface.

    If you already do not have your business listed in Google maps then before you start feeding Google places with your business information you should check a couple of other business listings in Your own niche. This will help you get a better picture and a better grasp on how you can make your listing lot more interesting. Choose your keywords carefully so that your business will be listed for the right searches and increase the footfalls.

    Try to improve your brand visibility with Google Maps for iPhone. Optimize your Google Places listing and make sure to provide as much information possible regarding your business. Include all the contact information possible so that your customers will be able to get in touch with you easily without any problem and that you do not lose any lead.

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