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  • Google Page Speed Module Out Of Beta Version

    Google has been working continually on making the internet a better place and one of the areas that Google focuses along these lines is the page speed. Google has integrated this factor into its ranking algorithm. Google uses more than 200 parameters to assess the quality of websites and rank them based on its highly elaborate ranking algorithm. To help webmasters improve their website’s page loading speed Google had introduced in 2010 a special module named mod_pagespeed. Since 2010 Google and its engineers have been continually working on the improvement of this module. Through the use of mod_pagespeed you will be able to optimize your pages for fast loading. This is an apache module and the best part is that this module will automatically optimize your pages in conjunction with the other resources.

    Google announced in October that it is taking this module out of beta version and it is now it has gone in full swing. This is an open source module and more than 120,000 have already benefited from this module. Google wants to make the internet faster for every user. By taking the tool out of the beta phase Google hopes that many more websites will benefit from this module. One of the important insights Google gives here to the webmasters is that faster loading pages engage the users better and increases retention as well as conversion rates.

    The emphasis on fast loading pages is pretty strong here. Not only your website users are going to be happy with the fast loading pages but Google will also be pleased with such pages because Google keeps a close watch on the page loading speed. If your pages do not load fast then you are not likely get good ranking because in the eyes of Google web pages that do not load fast hamper user experience in some way. This causes user distress, the longer the users wait for your pages to load the less successful your website is going to be. This simply means that you need to focus on optimizing your website’s loading speed.

    Google continues to come up with many tools and open source modules to help webmasters give optimum experience to the users. The idea behind all these efforts from Google is to make it easy for the internet users to find the information that they need fast. Google has made it very clear that page speed is one of the signals the search engines use in assessing the web page’s quality score. When you are promoting your website it is therefore not enough to be bogged down only with link building efforts. You will have to go much beyond and look at other factors that Google considers important. Your website’s page speed score is certainly one of those factors that deserve your attention. If you have not been taking note of this factor all along then it is high time that you started concentrating on these factors too to ensure that your website gets visibility in the search results.

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