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  • Google OneBox To Improve Your Online Visibility

    As of now, Google reins the online search industry and it has been the case since the inception of this search engine. Google managed to overthrow all its competition by providing the users with the best search results and Google continues to put forward the best efforts to further enhance the user experience. One such effort is Google OneBox. What exactly is this Google OneBox? Does it have any significance for SEO? When you are searching for some information online in Google you might have come across a box displayed either on top of the regular search results or at the bottom of the Search results. Google puts all the vital information pertaining to the Search made in this box. The idea behind this box is to provide the users all the required information fast. Google calls this box as OneBox.

    Google features One Box information for various types of data. The information presented in Google One Box is very much different from the general search results. Google OneBox results are available for music search, definitions, flight search, weather search, movie search, stock quote search, news search, map search, local business search, product search, image search and more. This should come as good news to the SEOs because here is another chance for you to get your website listed.  Google OneBox certainly has great significance to the SEOs.

    If you closely observe the Google OneBox results, you will notice that Google is including local search results in the OneBox. If your business is listed in Google OneBox then you get a special advantage over the other search results. Given the fact that Google OneBox results are listed above top ten results the chances are that the internet users will click on these results and visit your website. On the whole, Google one box will help you increase your online visibility.

    If Google has a direct link to provide the users, which is relevant to the search that has been made, then Google puts the direct link in OneBox results. If you are targeting any specific area or any specific geographic location then make sure to optimize your website for local searches and it will bring other secondary benefits such as inclusion in the OneBox results. Though Google OneBox started with Google news items today, OneBox listings are available for wide range of result formats. By taking coherent efforts on local search marketing, you will be able to improve your chances of getting your website listing included in this special place. You should reinforce your website’s listing by using images, news items, definitions and more so that Google will pick up your website for the OneBox listing. Try to make use of as many Google OneBox formats available to promote your website. If you take consistent and systematic efforts along these lines, you will be able to see very positive results. If you want to improve your visibility in Google then you will have to work with the search engine and make use of every tool available and every opportunity that you get.

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