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  • Google Is Working On Cluster Results Refinement

    In one of the Webmaster Help videos from Google, Matt Cutts explained in great detail on what to expect from Google’s SEO changes. This video was shot before the Google Penguin 2.0 update. In the frenzy about the Penguin 2.0 update, many details in that video have been missed by the webmasters. One of the things that Matt Cutts had mentioned in that ‘upcoming changes’ video is the refinement in the area of cluster results.

    What are cluster results? This is a situation whereby there are multiple results in the search results from the same domain. While enjoying such a visibility might be advantageous to the websites that get multiple listings on the same page, it turns out to be highly disadvantageous to the other competing domains. For example, a website that is in the tenth position will be pushed to the eleventh position if there is any cluster result, which means the website which is in the tenth position is moved to the second page of the search results. This can cause a major damage to that domain in terms of organic visitors’ count and revenue. Google is cognizant of such issues and it has started taking positive efforts to remove such problems.

    Matt Cutts says that they have already worked out techniques to remove such cluster results from single domain in the first pages of the search results. But such things can still be seen in the inner pages of the search results, which needs to be corrected. Other terms that are used to refer cluster results include host crowding, host cluster, etc.

    In case, you have been banking on such cluster results, you need to be prepared because you are likely to lose those places. When you do so, make sure that at least the right pages or the important pages are retained in the search results. There is a possibility or rather a danger that pages that are less important to you are retained in the search results and the pages that really matter to you are removed from the search results. To avoid such risks you should start analyzing your pages, their link popularity and their strengths. Try to beef up the important pages further using white hat strategies and never hang out in the black hat forums. Link spamming will be made less effective with the upcoming Google SEO changes as per Matt Cutts statement. So stop counting on negative or shady strategies for your domain.

    As always, Matt Cutts recommends that webmasters should create compelling sites to which users will feel like coming back over and over. Always keeping to these basics is vital even when you are aiming at futuristic search engine marketing strategies.

    Those of you that have been aiming at getting cluster results for your website, it is high time that you started looking at fresh strategies because the time and energy that you are spending on getting cluster results will only turn out to be futile because you are going against Google-currents here.

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