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  • Google + Communities and Snapseed Added to Google+

    Though Google has been excelling in many areas such as search, mailing application, chat application, etc., one area that Google has been failing constantly is social networking. Google has not been able to outdo Facebook in terms of making Google+ a place where Google people can hangout or linger sharing information and photos. On 6th December, Google announced two important improvements to Google+.

    Google announced the launching of two interesting feature to Google+: Google+ communities and Snapseed. Google envisions Google+ Communities as a place where people can meet and share information. Google + Communities allow Private as well as Public membership groups. Users will be able to create and join groups to meet people with same or similar interests. There will be a group for every conceivable topic. Google+ Communities will also have discussion categories for users that like to join discussions of their choice to contribute to the discussion as well as learn from the discussions. Another interesting feature of Google+ Communities is the ‘hangouts’ feature that allows users to plan events with the community members. The best part of Google+ Communities is that you will be able to share your photos or other information with your community using any +1 button on the web. This feature makes Google+1 Communities more user friendly than Facebook.

    Another improvement to Google+ Communities is Snapseed. This tool allows you to make your photos beautiful before sharing them using simple and user-friendly tools. You will be able to make all basic adjustments to your photos including photo straightening and photo cropping. The creative filters feature allows you to change the feel of your photos with options such as drama, vintage, black and white, etc. These features can be used individually or they can be used in combination too. Google’s Snapseed uses ControlPoint technology, which enables users to enhance specific spots in the photo.

    Through these small updates and changes, Google is trying to improve its signups for Google+. Google claims that it is the fastest growing network and with these latest additions, Google expects to attract new users. However, the question is whether all these will still match Facebook. Google has a long way to go in terms of matching the services of Facebook.

    Google with continual improvement to its network and to its services proves that it is one of the most proactive team. Given the fact that Google’s core business focus is the search, advertising, Google has done well in terms of networking, and other community platforms are concerned. One of the important factors to be noted here is that regardless of what Google does there will be an underlying search current. Google+ communities will help Google understand its users better and their search patterns better. Google is continually working on improving user experience. Google justifies its own algorithmic updates and frequent changes to its search engine ranking criteria with user experience. As a webmaster or a website owner, you should remember to provide your users with the best user experience and Google will notice you.

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