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  • Google Authorship And Its Benefits

    Are you using Google authorship profile for the content that you are posting online? Do you claim your content in Google? What is Google authorship? When you use Google authorship snippet you will tell Google clearly, who is the author of the content. You might wonder what is the use of telling Google who the author is and why you should take such efforts at all.
    Google Authorship

    When you add the author snippet Google will display the author’s name along with your listing. Your listing will also include a link to your Google+ profile. Another additional advantage that you will get from adding your authorship is that Google will also include links to other pages from the same author. This will further boost your overall online visibility and increase the visitors count not only to the page that is listed but also to the other pages that are not listed currently by Google.

    Another secondary advantage that you will enjoy by adding Google authorship to your content is that you will be able to fight plagiarism related issues. When you include the authorship, Google will mark your content with your authorship. You will also be able to boost your content credibility online when you add the snippet because your visitors will be able to visit your other pages as well, which will help you project an authoritative image in your own niche. Building trust online is the key factor for success and using this simple strategy of adding Google authorship to your content, you will be able to get a great boost to your online credibility.

    Websites that have added authorship have experienced a great boost in the click through rate. This itself is a very good indication that your credibility is boosted. You will have to remember to use the right author and this needs to be planned ahead so that you are not losing your authorship rank by using wrong authors or by using too many others in a random way.

    The next time you are posting your content online, make sure that you verify the authorship. Make it a regular practice and it is worth giving time to verify authorship for your content. Within a very short time, you will be able to see a great improvement and very positive impact on your brand and your website.

    Today, all the websites have a linked blogs and if you have blogs, it is imperative that you verify your authorship. You will be able to boost your author ranking based on topic categories. When you engage in social media marketing along with author verification, you will enjoy better results in your social media marketing.

    Your profile will be boosted greatly if you are actively contributing online like posting comments in blogs and taking part in forum discussions. Therefore, the benefits of adding Google authorship are countless. As you keep adding more content with the same author name, your overall author visibility will be boosted and also your overall popularity.

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