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  • Google AMP –The New Way to Browse

    The Google AMP is clearly a revolutionary new way of creating through building the web pages for content, which is static. Accelerated Mobile Pages consist of the stated three components. Each functions in tandem closely with the other for a seamless connectivity. This includes:

    *AMP JS

    Google AMP


    With the new Google AMP, the speed with which pages load is incredibly fast. Indeed, it was seen by many as a new way to browse and some would say it indeed is. Taking into account the amount of work that must be done to keep up with the backend requirements of making changes to your webpage oftentimes you need to take a decision on whether to improve your page or not. Now, with Google AMPs you can load your preferred page much faster, conveniently and effectively. This could be over 500% faster that too in just six simple steps.

    AMP HTML is the same HTML that you are used to but with some major restrictions for a much more unswerving routine and also a few extensions. These are built for the building and making rich of the entire content well beyond the basic code of HTML. The AMP JS library tends to ensure that the incredibly fast interpretation of AMP HTML page is carried on seamlessly without any errors. The basic structure of the Google AMP Cache would deliver the complete AMP HTML page by default to the very source.

    The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project at Google is the culmination of the demands for a faster browsing experience. However, this is not making your internet connectivity better or even improving your data download requirement. The process is based around content. It is helping to create optimized content and this is then made available quickly with an immediate download. A classic example of this would include a search for ‘local music classes’. In this case, the local music classes, which have allowed AMP would immediately be displayed conveniently for the user and would be visible for the same.

    Citing the new age requirements Google was able to launch this product as a major step. This is mainly because it is an open software initiative.

    The Google AMP Cache

    This is mainly a proper proxy-based content with an extensive and complex delivery network. It is able to deliver all of the valid documents for the AMP requirement seamlessly. It fetches all the AMP based HTML pages and discreetly places them into the caches memory. It is also noticed that the cache being used also comes with a fully-fledged system of corroboration, which is previously built into the system. It confirms the page and is at many levels of functionality certain to work.

    Alternatively, there is an additional adaptation of the AMP page, which is made available. This is able to view all of the things directly. The available plug-in are generally available to add support when using the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) system. Being a reliable, time tested open source system, which focuses on providing the mobile optimized content, which may be loaded almost instantly in almost any location with good signal connectivity.

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