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  • Google Adwords Gets Another Boost With Geo-Targeting Google Adwords is boosting some fairly new features that some may have overlooked which make promoting websites and products easier than it has ever been. These new features are a mix of revamping the old to be more relevant and some that are genuinely new. The end result is you getting your ads on the screens of your target demographic a higher percentage of the time.

    Geo-targeting is possibly the most exciting of these new features. With Google Adwords geo-targeting, you make the call on what geographic region your ads appear. You can go broad and target a country or you can go micro and target specific towns or even a radius emanating from a specific epicenter of your choosing.

    The “See Search Terms Tool” is a new addition you can find in the keyword section of your account. What makes the tool exciting and potentially very lucrative is that it what people are searching for when they click on your ads. It can easily help filter out unwanted clicks, find negative keywords, and better understand the dynamics of your traffic. This is the one tool Google is pushing hard for Adwords account holders to use because it helps create more relevant searches which benefits everyone.

    The PC/Mobile feature makes Adwords mobile friendly. This feature allws you to specifically target Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and generally speaking all major mobile devices. If you want to start a campaign that delivers a specific set of ads to mobile device users only. The ads you can create through this are designed to be briefer than would be created for desktop users who theoretically have more time for longer query returns.

    The last big change is that Google Places content is now integrating with AdWords advertisements. This is designed give your AdWords account a facelift by providing extra information to web searchers about your business, site or even you personally if you choose to go that route.

    AdWords is a work on progress. As the market and technology change, Google has been working to keep AdWords evolving with those changes. If you really want to stay ahead of the competition and maximize your AdWords revenue stream, you need to take advantage of these new changes.

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