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  • Giving Google More Information About Your Products And Services

    images (3) Google always recommends and encourages that webmasters give as much information as possible to the search engine regarding one’s products and services to enhance its search results. Giving additional information to Google helps the search engine in a way to position your website better. However, how to give more information to Google?

    In the search results, Google uses rich snippets to provide the internet users with the additional information about your products and services. Google encourages the webmasters to give product markup. When you are creating your product markup, make sure that your products are available for purchase in the same page. This works only with pages that sell directly online.

    In the product markup page, you will have to provide information such as name of the product, image URL of the product, description of the product, product brand, product review, product reviews, price and offer details. When you create such rich snippets or products markup pages you will be able to attract more buyers to your website when they are searching for the products that you are selling or the services that you are offering. This again helps you submit the products information for listings free of cost. Thirdly, this helps you maintain the freshness of the product information.

    One of the reasons why Google encourages webmasters to provide such rich snippets or product markup pages is because it helps Google to enhance the quality of the results it provides. As a webmaster that is trying to fight the online competition effectively, you should make use of all the tools that you can lay your hands on. Along these lines, Ignoring to using rich snippets and product markup will certainly be a great mistake on your part.

    When the internet users find all the information required right in the search results page they are more likely to click on your website link as opposed to websites that do not provide such information. The best part is that all these things do not cost you any additional money. You just need to know how to create the rich snippets and the products markup page.

    If you are selling software or other software based applications you will be able to use software markup instead of products markup. Similarly, if you are running any events or organizing any shows you can use event markup. All these are different ways of promoting yourself in Google. Make sure to take advantage of these tools that are at your disposal. When you make such additional efforts along with your regular SEO and SEM efforts you will be able to give your website, products and services an additional boost in the search results and drive more traffic to your website. Make sure that you take a holistic approach to ranking and website promotion. Keeping yourself abreast with the latest tools and strategies in the SEO industry will help you put your website on top of the competition.

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