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  • Getting the Golden Links

    Golden Links

    Do you know what a ‘golden link’ is? It’s the Holy Grail of links, the one from the high page rank, awesome wonderful source that is itself a source, and lists YOU as the go to place.

    If you can come up with a truly awesome article, gadget, tool or story, and get it picked up by the right people, you will have a golden link.

    For example, you manage to come across at the perfect time with the newest most accurate easiest tool to help people manage some new and innovative application. It could be something the search engines have just released, a tool to use with a new browser, a gadget or widget that fills a niche in a high traffic field.

    Once you have produced this fabulous thing, of course you can follow the practice of giving it away for free, as a promotion to attract visitors and a way to get links to your site.

    Find a well known blogging guru that might appreciate it, and personally ask their opinion. Send it to them with an email vouchsafing your admiration, and asking humbly if they would give their opinion.

    If you are lucky, they will like it, and be cool enough to pass the word by blogging about it! If they incorporate it into a top ten list, or a similar type “Look at this cool tool for *–*”, you will have had it made.

    You might want to no-follow the link from guru guy, just to avoid the appearance of evil, or suspicion you paid for a link and review, but all the people who pick it up are good links – and you can piggyback on the blogger’s fame if they are a highly ranked blog that gets a lot of traffic.

    All their visitors (at least for a bit) will be seeing you when they visit the blog, and you can’t help but benefit from the exposure! Think about it, suppose you make a ‘top ten list’ and now you show up in the SERPs indirectly when somebody Googles “How to *–*”

    People read the list, and there you are. You have become an authority simply by power of association. If Guru likes you, you must be worth knowing! It is the concept of linking for PageRank expanded to include the very idea behind PageRank! This kind of link can last for years, and bring in residual traffic for almost ever.

    This is another reason to compile top ten lists of your own, and submit them in article form to directories and publications online. The initial link might grow into a hundred after a year or so, as people become familiar with it and start to use it as a resource!

    Always be on the lookout for ways to promote yourself, and get links (however indirectly) to sites that are authoritative in your field. This way you are not only getting the raw PageRank power of the link, but practical everyday traffic as well.

    Hopefully, after a while, a lot of your links will be golden! Happy Linking!

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