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  • Five Do's and Five Don't's of SEO

    Do have good content, or you are never going to get anywhere. People need help, or answers, which is why they search. They don’t need useless ‘SEOd’ content that ignores value to the user.  Don’t keyword stuff. A garbled list of keywords doesn’t help anyone. Balanced, informative content with strategically placed keywords and phrases does.

    Do use no-index and no-follow if you need to move stuff out of tehe spiders’ way for ease of indexing. Don’t cloak. Showing the search engine a different page than regular consumers see when they visit your site is a black, black hat.

    Do tag all pictures, videos and any other graphics you use on your site – this optimizes them and makes them add SEO to your site. Don’t have a completely Flash site or pages. Create an HTML version for the search engines to crawl, and for web users who don’t like Flash.

    Do focus on linking from quality authority sites, and maximizing linking power with a strong internal linking model.  Don’t have unusable links on your site, or pointing to your site! This is the fastest, most sure fire way to lose customers there is.  Check and update your links regularly; both the internal and external ones. 

    Make your landing page informative but not crowded. Hint at a freebie on the landing page if you like, but don’t make false promises. Don’t ever, ever pull black hat tricks like hiding  text. Having text below the fold and disabling the scroll, or using white on white text is not cool in Google’s eyes.

    Do good things. Don’t be evil. That’s the Google way.


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