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  • Email Marketing Can Ruin All Your SEO Efforts

    Often clashes take place between the SEO wing of companies and their business development teams. If your business development team is not aware of the latest standing on each country’s spam laws they can easily ruin all the efforts of the SEO wing that is tussling with the competition and dragging itself up inch by inch. SEO for sure is a time consuming process but when it is well implemented, it is time worth spent. Email marketing, bulk emailing or email blasts are different terms used to refer to email marketing. Email marketing is not always wrong or risky but in the hands of uninformed professionals, this can be a risky concept. When you send bulk emails, you can be easily marked as a spammer and you can get your website banned.

    You might be desperate to drive traffic to your website and to get more customers for your business however; the ISPs are really ruthless against spam. It is rather surprising to see how little effort it takes to get yourself labeled as a spammer. You cannot be labeled as a spammer when you mail people on their request. If you are mailing random users using harvested database then you are sending spam mails as the recipients have not approved your mails nor have they requested for the information that you are sending.

    Some companies try to send these spam mails from a different server, but if you associate your marketing mails to a domain name then it is good enough to rock the boat. Don’t be deceived by the term opt-in mails. Some the users in the opt-in mailing list may not be any longer interested and once they indicate that they no more like to receive any mails from you then you must make sure to update your database at all instances and just not the database that is stored in the email marketing application. Because of the extensive abuse of the email platform, all commercial mails are considered spam these days.

    If you get reported for spamming then you can lose your hosting as the hosting service providers do not like to be associated with any spamming activity. Moreover, all the mails that you are sending from your official domain that you have used for sending your spam mails will be blocked and your site too will be banned in the search engines. All the SEO efforts that you have put into your website all along will turn out to be futile. Once your site gets banned then you will not feature in search results. So one stupid move can turn everything upside down. So to be on the safer side use only professional approach in all your mailing. Never user bulk mailing software products as they are bound to put you in to trouble.

    Follow the email marketing guidelines that are pertinent to each country that you are contacting and abide by those guidelines closely. Never take on a careless attitude as this could cost you dearly.

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