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  • Don’t Let Your Website Be Sad

    If your website is sad, as a webmaster, so are you. If you make mistakes when you are optimizing your website, you’re going to have some pretty sad results, that is for certain! Knowing how to avoid pitfalls that commonly cause your website to perform under the levels it should be reaching is not that hard and is essential if you want to keep your customers happy and your website running efficiently!

    It is easy to make mistakes when search engine optimizing your site – everyone has a few of them hanging around they‘d rather forget. Even when you have the best of intentions to get things right, there are a few very common SEO mistakes people make without ever realizing they have made a mistake. The good news is that once you learn the right way it is easy to avoid making them again – or for the first time. Better yet, they can be corrected as well.

    The first big mistake is repeating keywords in your head tag more than one time. There is no benefit to the repetition regardless of what some self appointed gurus may espouse. The SERPs them self tell us point blank it is a wasted practice. It only takes using a keyword one time to clue in the search engines that your site is relevant to that keyword. It isn’t any more complicated than that.

    If there is any way to avoid it, and there is, do not use JavaScript links on your website at all. When you use JavaScript links you are merely adding something to your site that search engines are not equipped to crawl. In the world of search engines, if they cannot crawl it, it does not really exist. if it doesn’t exist, it’s not doing you much good.

    Avoid using Flash when you build your website because that it is another thing search engines cannot crawl. Staying on that theme, if you are using frames, the odds are you are once again losing out on some search engines crawling and indexing your site. They are not necessary, so you are best advised to avoid using them. Yes, they may look cool, but looks are less important than functionality.

    There is no escaping the fact that you have to use unique content on your site. Duplicate content will kill your hopes of a strong page rank as quickly as any SEO sin. Duplication in any way is going to do immense harm as soon as search engines spot it, so invest the extra time to keep it original throughout. Similarly, use a unique title page for every page – that cannot be stressed enough. It’s something simple and it pays huge dividends to you for the extra effort.

    Finally, even legitimate redirects are going to be viewed as a malpractice. When a page redirect takes a visitor to a page other than the one he/she intended to visit, search engines will not be able differentiate the intent. As much as any SEO mistake, this is one you absolutely have to avoid. It’s not convenient, but you need to bite the bullet and rebuild in these cases for best results.

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