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  • Do Long Tail Keywords Bring More Targeted Traffic?

    One of the questions that always triggers debates when you set out to optimize your websites is whether you should go for long tail keywords or shorter keywords. The answer to this question would be that you cannot limit to just one or the other. You must take a balanced approach whereby you optimize your website not just for shorter keywords but also optimize it for long tail keywords too.
    To address this specific question, “Do long tail keywords bring more targeted traffic to websites?”, yes we have good reasons to believe this argument that long tail keywords are prone to bring more targeted keywords to websites. Shorter keywords cover more area when compared to long tail keywords. For example if one is searching for a keyword such as, “mesothelioma” the user may be looking for information on this ailment or the user himself or herself may be a victim of this disease and looking for medical help or the user may be personal injury victim looking for legal assistance. As you can see that this short keyword can refer to various interests of the users you cannot expect more targeted visitors to your website when you just optimize your website for this keyword.
    On the other hand, if you are promoting a website of an attorney who specializes in mesothelioma personal injury lawsuits then it will make more sense to bolster your optimization efforts with keywords such as mesothelioma lawyer, mesothelioma attorney, mesothelioma personal injury lawyer, etc. Here again the user may be from any part of the world. If you are promoting the services of an attorney who offers his or her services in Chicago, then you will be able to drive even more targeted traffic by optimizing your website for keywords such as mesothelioma attorney Chicago, mesothelioma personal injury lawyer Chicago, etc. As you can see when the keyword length increases the quality of the visitors to your website also increase.
    Another reason why you should rely on long tail keywords is the fact that with shorter and single word keywords the competition level will be much higher. So you will be forced to work with higher competition. It will take a longer time and more efforts to get your website ranked on top for shorter keywords and that too does not guarantee highly targeted traffic. So it is more beneficial to work with long tail keywords that are specific to your website and to your geographic location. This does not mean that you should ignore shorter keywords completely. You should also include shorter keywords to your list. The same applies to your PPC campaigns as well. You will lose a lot of money on traffic that is not that prospective when you launch your campaigns for shorter keywords. Whether you are optimizing your website for driving organic traffic or trying to get PPC traffic it is best to consult an experienced SEO company and perform a thorough keywords analysis to identify the best keywords for your website to drive highly targeted traffic.

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