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  • Directory Submission Techniques

    Directory Submission

    Why should you include directory submissions in your SEO efforts? Because they provide good one way links for your site, and directory submissions are excellent ways to come up in search! Search engine optimization (SEO) turns website submission to directories and article site submissions to your advantage. You can’t lose, and often your rankings can be improved with one way links leading back to your site and increaing your PageRank.

    It isn’t always enough to have a excellent website. The best and latest e-commerce technology only goes so far to sell if you don’t have customers, and your graphic design work can be exquisite but useless if no visitors ever see it. You need SEO that delivers results, and that means startying with the basics and building up your website’s standings a little at a time for lasting results.

    You have to choose the right SEO firm, to start. This can be tricky – there are a lot of SEO firms who claim that they can do excellent directory submission, link building and article submissions for you, but they don’t take into account what your website’s specific needs are. They have a canned set of directories, and they just plug you in to an automated system that sends your info out to them all.

    If you are selling chocolate, you want to be in directories for candies, sweets and gift websites, not in an oil merchant directory – links like that aren’t relevant and will be quickly discounted. Google implemented LSI  a while back and has started eliminating credit for links obtained from link farms, paid links and other black hat tactics.

    SubmitEdge uses ‘Google approved’ tactics to ensure good relevant links. We keep up to date on the latest webmaster guidelines to ensure that you don’t waste your money on link building that is useless. we only use, manual submissions so your website won’t be viewed as spamming, and our submission services ensure that each manual directory we submit to is highly relevant to your site. We have a huge array of directories to link to, and we cherry pick the most relevant ones to your site and strive for the highest PageRank we can find for you.

    All major search engines that catalog and index directories demand they meet certain criteria. Our service guarantees that every directory we submit to has been thoroughly vetted and has not been blacklisted by any search engine. We steer you clear of reciprocal links, making sure all you get is clean one way links that increase your website’s standing. 

    • We have 68 staff members who are well trained in manual submission techniques and they always follow all submission guidelines.
    • All of the links that you will get are one-way permanent links for your website; we will never hook you into any reciprocal linking prgram.
    • We update constantly, by reviewing and verifying all the links in our 8000+ directories to make sure your inbound links are passing appropriate PageRank.
    • We answer all queries within 24 hours – you are our supreme priority as a customer and we are here for you.
    • We give you full reports on all submissions so YOU can see what was done and where.
    • We strive to submit your site to the maximum amount of directories with high PageRank possible.
    • We even allow our users to specify 10 unique titles and 10 unique descriptions to reduce duplication of content and provide a variety of link text for spiders to crawl back to your site.

    SubmitEdge has the name, the experience and the know-how to do directory submissions right/

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