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  • Different Types Of Google Crawling Errors That Your Website Can Encounter

    Website-crawl-errors If you want to get top ranking in Google, first Google should crawl your website fully only when your website is indexed fully Google will be able to assign ranking for your website based on the importance of your website. If your website is running into crawling related errors, you should resolve them immediately before you can make any further ranking efforts.

    To resolve crawling errors, it is vital that you understand various types of crawling errors. Google may not be able to crawl your website fully or access your website’s content if there are errors. We can categorize these errors into two types namely site errors and server errors. If your website is down when the Google bot is trying to access your website then Google may not be able to access your website’s content. If your website should have a very high downtime then you will encounter this problem. To resolve this problem you need to contact your web hosting service provider. To avoid such problems you should choose your web hosting company very carefully.

    The next category of the problem falls under site errors. There can be wide range of site related errors. Your website should have good URL structure. If there are too many special characters in your URL or if the URLs of your ecommerce sites are auto generated by your content management system then you can run into variety of crawling errors. You should make sure to choose content management systems that can create search engine friendly URLs.

    If your Robots.txt file should contain any errors, it can block the search engine from crawling certain pages of your website or the entire website. If you should run into crawling issues, take time to review your robots.txt file and you might have your answers hidden there.

    Another common problem that websites face is ‘Page Not Found’ error of 404 error. If your website should point to pages that do not exist or have URLs with mistakes then it can result in 404 errors.

    If you do not possess adequate technical skills or if you do not have the required time to review your website then you can choose an SEO company that can help you resolve the crawling errors. Unless you take immediate steps to make your website search engine friendly you will not be able to get your website indexed. All the ranking efforts that you take will go in vain. Google indexing is the first step in your website’s success story. Only when you take the first step in the right direction you will be able to attract traffic to your website. You will be able to achieve your marketing goals only when your website is ranked in top ten positions in Google and for this your website should be completely indexed by Google. Take Google crawling errors seriously and act immediately without wasting time. The longer you delay to respond the more challenging it will become to fight your online competition.

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