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  • Cutting Costs? SEO Needs To Stay

    When you are trying to decide where to cut costs on your site, SEO is often the first place that gets the ax, with advertising a close second. It’s sad, because these are the two things that could effectively save your site.

    Think about it. When the economy gets bad, does everyone stop buying puppy coats? No. Just the people who can’t afford them. There are still people buying plenty of puppy coats – in fact, they are probably buying puppy coats that cost ten times as much as the ones you usually sell.

    Perhaps you just need to change your demographic, start targeting the higher classes. Upgrade your stock – not too much – upgrade the price – a lot – and start looking for bigger fish to fry.

    Anyone who has done a lot of internet marketing knows to track the trends and control the ad spend. You can try to hit the hot markets, where the rich forty something’s with surrogate children troll for outfits for their little poochy poos.

    If you could advertise to hit those markets, move the operation virtually uptown and start making a 500% profit on your stock, imagine what that could do to your bottom line?

    OK, so that is a little tongue in cheek, but specializing for a niche market isn’t always a bad thing. Even if you have a generic type product, find a way to sell it to a niche demographic – single moms in the rural communities, business execs with disabilities, anything!

    And do not, do NOT give up on SEO. SEO can make the difference between reaching ten thousands consumers of whom all but ten could care less or reaching fifty almost guaranteed conversions. Do the math. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

    SEO is simply the easiest way to target your customers by getting both your site, your pages, your articles, press releases and blog ranking high on Google, and enabling your ads to be displayed appropriately. The amount of time and money you spend on SEO could truly mean the difference between success and failure, and you shouldn’t give up on it when times get hard but should figure out how to afford a booster shot!

    If you can learn about SEO and do some of it yourself, great. If not, at east learn enough to be able to monitor whet your chosen company is doing for you – you don’t want to be paying out for outdated techniques, or worse, black hat methods that show initial success but leave you languishing in Google limbo forever.

    SEO will never sink your site if done properly, and might just prove to be a life raft to carry you to safety.

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