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  • Cross-browser Compatibility Of Your Website And Online Success

    Cross-browser compatibility of websites is something very crucial for any business that is trying to attract lots of visitors and to increase the conversion rates. At one time Internet Explorer from Microsoft had monopoly over the browser segment and it was enough for websites to test their performance of websites in just this one browser because 90% of the internet users used the IE to browse the web. Today, that is not the case any longer. There are number of competitors to the Internet Explorer. There are numerous browser types and the popularity of these browsers varies from one region to the other and to name a few Opera, FireFox, Google Chrome, NetScape and more. To complicate things further, under each brand there are several versions. If you want your website to render correctly in every internet user’s computer or laptop you should make sure that your website is cross-browser compatible.

    You will have to make sure that your website can be accessed easily without any problem from any browser so that you do not lose visitors regardless of the browser that they use. One of the challenges that you will face as a website owner or webmaster is that all these browsers continually release newer versions for various reasons including security reasons. Not all internet users upgrade their browsers to the latest available version. Your website should therefore work well in the old as well as the latest versions without any problem.


    Whenever, a major browser releases a new version you should immediately check your website’s performance in the new browser to ensure that your website is working well without any problem. As you can guess easily, this is an on going process and you will have to follow up the industry news closely to ensure that you get regular updates on the latest releases.

    Why is cross-browser compatibility such a crucial issue? You will be spending a considerable amount of money in promoting your website and in driving traffic to your website through both organic SEO strategies as well as other methods. When you manage to drive traffic to your website, you will be able to get the desired results only when your visitors are able to browse your website fully. If the visitors are unable to browse your website even after reaching your website then all the efforts you have taken and the money you spent to drive traffic to your website will only go wasted. You cannot therefore take things lightly as far as cross-browser compatibility is concerned.

    Unfortunately, many website owners are not aware of the importance of cross-browser compatibility and this is mainly because they lack the technical awareness on how the internet works. If you should lack the required knowledge or skills it is important that you get professional guidance so that your website does not run into problems because for the want of knowledge. Go ahead and test your website in all the major browsers.

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