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  • Can You Make Use Of Link Exchange Websites For Your Backlinks?

    One of the options that will often cross your mind when you are in the process of building back links for your website is the use of link exchange websites. Though link exchange directories and link exchange websites promise to give you access to huge volume of back links you should not jump into this without careful consideration.
    You should know how to build links using these link exchange websites otherwise you may end up losing your website’s reputation. The first thing that you should remember with regard to building links through link exchange directories is that this is a two way link exchange option, which means that you will have to link back to your link partner’s website. This may interfere with the integrity of your website and this may not be suitable for B2B websites though it can work for B2C websites to a certain extent.

    The next factor that you should take into consideration while getting your website’s backlink is the linking page. We have already spoken a great deal about the quality of the incoming links in this blog. Your links must come from a niche relevant website to be of any value. You should get your links from a website with good PageRank. One of the factors that many do not know is that Google assigns PageRank on page by page basis. So it is equally important to get links from a page with good PageRank and it is not enough to check just the PageRank of the linking website. Most often when you enter into link exchange, webmasters will have a separate page called, ‘Links’ or ‘Resources’ or something similar and they will place your website’s link in this page. This page will already have hundreds of outgoing links. Backlinks from such pages may not be of great value to your website. However, some webmasters might insist that their links be placed in specific pages such as homepage of your website. Such link exchange offers are best to be ignored.

    Moreover, you must spend a considerable amount of time to review the linking website and its search engine reputation. Many websites have been blacklisted by the search engines as they have been notorious for spamming the internet. You should double check that you are not exchanging your links even if the links are placed in the homepage. You certainly would not want to be associated with bad neighborhood. Your search engine ranking will be affected if you are associated with blacklisted websites. It is worse still to link to blacklisted websites.

    Therefore, you need to tread very carefully when you enter into link exchange. Today link exchange directories are becoming less popular because of the numerous risks they expose your website to and because of the emergence of multiple one way link building strategies that are also highly search engine friendly. It is better to go with one of the latest SEO link building strategies rather than going for link exchange directories.

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