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  • Can Social Media help your business shine?

    What can be more happening than joining hands with an event management firm? Online marketing is one medium where every other business is trying to make a mark & we helped poetic achieve just the same. The journey has been & is just as colorful as the brand. As we go on; we pause, take a moment to see and let you know how we added some vibrancy to it.

    story of success











    To begin with, Poetic is a multi-faceted event management company which handles any event; right from birthday parties to award functions.


    Okay, before we go ahead, yes the platform was a challenge to work on. When it comes to establishing a big brand on a social platform, you need to begin from square one. And that’s exactly what we did. We started off by gathering the relevant audience, built the circles, joined the right communities & of all posted the best content. The posts were people-centric. Initially, it was little about the brand and more about connecting with the audience. This way, we were able to establish the client’s identity. Running contests & engaging users is the rule of the day.

    The result…? Here’s what we could achieve:











    Working on Facebook was not as difficult as it was on Google+. Nonetheless, it was still a challenge. Given the kind of audience, we reached a milestone of 1600 likes in a matter of months. We ran contests, gave the followers what they love and came up with posts which were engaging. We had a unique strategy of indirectly marketing the business which proved to be hugely successful. You can see that for yourself here:









    The word restriction didn’t come down hard on us. We quickly managed to garner 164 followers on this platform.


    So far, it’s been an amazing time working with this giant. We are sure that our association will grow further.

    Wish you could try out our service? Leave your details in the comment section & let us know

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