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  • Branding and SEO

    If you are marketing something, you have a brand. It doesn’t matter what your product is, where you sell it or who you target consumer base is – you have to brand in order to start getting recognized. The brand should be something memorable, to immediately attract attention of new customers and remind old ones that here is something valuable.

    It is imperative to your success to be able to keep at the forefront of your market and regularly put your brand forward. So many other companies will be marketing alongside you that often need a recognizable brand in order to make any headway!

    SEO is one way to get your brand out there and associated with your product and service. Originally this was achieved with billboards, print ads, television and radio broadcasting. Now there is the internet, which is rapidly becoming the advertising venue of choice as more and more consumers take their searches online.

    Every second an enormous amount of information is added to the web. Your efforts may go unnoticed unless you manage to stand out from the crowd. Finding out where the competition stands and targeting undervalued areas is often the key to gaining brand recognition. With the right tactics, you can begin to appear on searches and people will start linking your brand to your specific niche.

    Since the advent of the search engine, competition has been fierce to rank at the top on MSN, Yahoo and most importantly, Google. Niche search engines exist as well, so don’t neglect them if you are in a high traffic area. A well promoted website is worthy of links as well, and you will see your traffic both from the SERPs and elsewhere begin to increase. To establish a brand takes talent and farsightedness, and may be overwhelming for a beginner webmaster. That is where a good SEO firm comes into the picture. A professional SEO can help you market your brand web wide, and start you on the road to success.

    After you find an SEO, outline your plan of action, and let them help you implement ideas into your website, your content and your linking techniques to optimize traffic and bring your online presence up to a level where you can attract some attention. Your website needs to be clean and neat, with a clear focus and an uncluttered appearance. You also will want to present a professional corporate front while remaining friendly to the layperson, so try to strike a balance!

    Implement your brand name alongside your keywords, so that whenever you do rank well on the result pages you will get a plug. Make sure your site is full of references to saturate your customer with your brand – but don’t stuff – rather, vary your text with graphics and logos to break it up. Once your site is optimized, your brand can be recognized.

    Yes, that last bit rhymed. Memorize it. Make it your mantra. Then remember to thank me when you do finally have a customer base and an internationally recognized brand!


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