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  • Being your own Affiliate -Is it Realistic?


    The ultimate goal of all affiliate network marketers is to become their own affiliate. If you can provide a service, product or too that people need, you can both sell it yourself and get other people to sell it for you. Now, before you say this sounds an awful lot like an MLM, realize that there are two major differences.

    First, there is no-one above you and only one level below you. You allow resellers to earn a straight commission for promoting your product on their own affiliate site, and you control how much you make on each sale that goes through them. You also handle the actual payment process and delivery of the product or service, so your reputation stays intact.

    Second, there is no hard-selling or recruitment involved. Once again, people will be lining up to sell your product, and all you have to do is fill orders and cut them in for their share. If you are particular about who you allow to sell your product, you can build a solid reputation for successful conversions and attract heavy hitters from the affiliate marketing network to promote your product.

    The first thing you have to do is come up with something people need. It may take research to find a hot niche with room for another product, but it can be done. If you are the inventive type, you may have something along the lines of a brand new product created to fill a need, such as the woman who invented the baby-wipe warmer.

    Alternately, you may have experience that others can benefit from, in which an e-book might be a marketable product! You can write these yourself or hire a ghostwriter, and fill an informational gap by providing a ‘How to guide’ or a motivational series. Whatever route you choose, becoming your own affiliate is the best way to ensure long term residual income.


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