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  • Being Google Friendly Everyone wants to have an optimized website that delivers high quality results day after day. When people talk about those great results, they are almost invariably talking  how to get the  best performance in Google. Regardless of how much you work, or how hard you work, if you don’t find yourself indexed by Google it is not that uncommon for many webmasters to consider all of that effort wasted. The truth is that something has been gained which is knowledge. It is important to know why Google does not index a particular site as it is to know why they do. We know that Google has billions of pages in its database and what causes one website to be skipped or left out from its indexing when another is not is valuable information.

    Google provides numerous reasons as to why a site is not indexed – it is hardly an arbitrary matter. Google does not expect our website to be submitted to its search engine to be crawled by spiders alone. Google expects a site will have content of actual value on it – not just gibberish tossed onto a page. Google wants to know if your  can be found through the links that appear on other websites. However, if these links are just  from link farms or from purchased links or poor quality sites, those links are basically useless. That is why it becomes important to do a press release as soon as you launch your website. This will help Google spiders to find your website easily for indexing. If you don’t have enough links from other websites pointing to your website then it may not be possible for Google to index you.

    The next reason could be that you just missed the recent update. Since Google has to go through billions of pages, it takes a considerable time before it completes each cycle and with every cycle the number of web pages on the web keep increasing. Therefore, if you happen to miss an update then you need to be patient to allow Google spider to get back to you after sometime. Meanwhile you can work on link building through ethical methods.

    Google has given the online community a set of guidelines to create Google friendly websites. If your website design is not compatible with those guidelines then Google may not crawl your website. This could be one of the reasons why your site may have been missed out. If you feel that your website indexing is taking longer than it should in spite of having good links for our website, then you must review your website design to see where you have gone wrong.

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